GRAMMAR FOR Students – 9 & 10 Grades

Students learn Grammar in their schools with proper syllabus. They will find here different grammar topics practice exercises to get comprehensive hold over grammar syllabus. More and more exercises are added with time and students are advised to keep visiting here for newer exercises and topics.

Grammar Topics for Class 9 and 10

New Practice Questions are added from time to time so, keep coming here.

1. Reading

Comprehension Passages

Case-Based Passages Exercises

Discursive Passages Exercises

2. Writing (Creative Skill Writing)

Analytical Paragraph Writing

Analytical Paragraph Practice Questions

Article writing

Letter writing

Story writing

Story writing practice questions

3. Tenses

4. Modals and their usage

  • Modals
  • Modals practice questions

5. Voice

  • Active and Passive Voice Rules and Formations
  • Active and Passive Voice Practice Exercises

6. Subject-Verb Concord

  • Rules of Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Rules of Subject-Verb Concord
  • Subject-Verb Concord Practice Exercises

6. Reported Speech (Narration)

  • Reported Speech: Rules and Conversions
  • Reported Speech – Dialogue Reporting
  • Assertive Sentences
  • Interrogative Sentences
  • Commands & Requests Sentences
  • Exclamatory Sentences
  • Miscellaneous Exercise in Reported Speech

7. Determiners

  • Determiners and their Usage
  • Determiners Practice Questions

8. Preposition

  • Rules and Usage
  • Preposition Practice Exercises

9. Sentence Transformation

  • Sentence Transformation Rules with Examples

10. Miscellaneous Grammar Exercises

  • Rearrange to form meaningful sentences
  • Sentence Rearrangement Exercises
  • Gap Filling:
  • Editing: Error Correction
  • Omission: Write the Missing Word