Class 6 ‘The Kite’ Poem Word Meanings


How bright on the blue
Is a kite when it’s new!
With a dive and a dip
It snaps its tail
Then soars like a ship
With only a sail
As over tides
Of wind it rides,
Climbs to the crest
Of a gust and pulls,
Then seems to rest
As wind falls.
When string goes slack
You wind it back
And run until
A new breeze blows
And its wings fill
And up it goes!
How bright on the blue
Is a kite when it’s new!
But a raggeder thing
You never will see
When it flaps on a string
In the top of a tree.

Word Meanings

WordsEnglish MeaningsHindi Meanings
Brightfull of light or shining
Lovelybeautiful or attractive
Shiningemitting or reflecting light
Bluea colour often associated with the sky or sea
Skythe expanse above the Earth, where clouds and celestial objects appear
Diveto plunge into water or descend quickly
Plungea sudden or steep downward movement
Snapsproduces a cracking sound
Soarsrises or moves upward gracefully
Saila piece of canvas or fabric used to catch wind and propel a boat
Stringa thin thread or cord
Tidesthe regular rise and fall of the sea, caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun
Crestthe top or highest point of something
Gusta strong, stormy wind
Pullsmoves something in a specific direction
Goes slackbecomes loose or not taut
Wind backroll or rewind something
Breezea gentle wind
Wingsthe limbs of a bird or aircraft used for flying
Fillto make something full or complete
Raggedtorn or rough around the edges
Flapsto flutter or move rapidly

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