Class 9 English Lesson ‘A House Is Not a Home’ Question & Answers

‘A House Is Not a Home’ Question & Answers Class 9 English Lesson from the Supplementary Reader ‘Moments’.


1. What does the author notice one Sunday afternoon? What is his mother’s reaction? What does she do?

Ans. One Sunday afternoon, the author is sitting with his cat, doing his homework. All of a sudden, he sees smoke pouring in through the seams of the ceiling. The room is quickly filled with smoke, and they grope their way to the front door, running out into the front yard. By the time they’re outside, the room is engulfed in flames, spreading rapidly. The author’s mother runs out of the house with a small metal box full of important documents. She drops the box and rushes back to the house to pick out pictures of her late husband.

2. Why does he break down in tears after the fire?

Ans. The author breaks down in tears after the fire because his house is completely burned down. Five hours later, when the fire is finally out, he realizes his cat is missing. He also misses his old school, his burned house, and his pet cat.

3. Why is the author deeply embarrassed the next day in school? Which words show his fear and insecurity?

Ans. The author is deeply embarrassed the next day in school as he is left with nothing. He’s wearing weird clothes, has no books, shoes, or backpack. He had his life in his backpack, but it’s all gone because of the fire. He feels like no matter how hard he tries to fit in, it only gets worse. He feels destined to be an outcast or a geek all his life, and he doesn’t want to face growing up if it means dealing with life this way. He wants to curl up and die.

4. The cat and the author are very fond of each other. How has this been shown in the story? Where was the cat after the fire? Who brings it back and how?

Ans. The author and the cat are undoubtedly very fond of each other. He rescued her when she was a kitten, and she often sits on his papers when he’s doing his homework. He misses her terribly after the fire, even watching the rubble being cleared in hopes of finding her. The cat had been scared by the fire and ran over a mile away. A strange lady brought her back, having worked hard to find her owner as the author’s phone number written on the cat’s collar was no help due to a disconnected phone.

5. What actions of the schoolmates change the author’s understanding of life and people, and comfort him emotionally? How does his loneliness vanish and how does he start participating in life?

Ans. When the author joins his new school, he feels confused and insecure among strangers. He misses his old school and teachers greatly. After the fire, he loses everything, including his pet cat, and feels completely broken. However, his schoolmates surprise him by providing school supplies, clothes, and introducing themselves. They invite him to their houses, and he makes friends that day. His feelings of insecurity and tragedy vanish, and he starts taking interest in life again.

6. What is the meaning of “My cat was back and so was I”? Had the author gone anywhere? Why does he say that he is also back?

Ans. The author feels incomplete without his cat, missing her greatly. After losing everything in the fire, he feels lost and just wants to curl up and die. However, when his new schoolmates support him and he gets his cat back, he feels complete again. He hadn’t physically gone anywhere, but emotionally, he had withdrawn. Getting his cat back signifies a return to emotional wholeness and engagement with life.

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