Granny’s Little Laptop Poem Question Answers Summary Word Meanings

Granny’s Little Laptop is a beautiful light mood poem for children. Here are given meanings and solutions to the textbook exercises. The book used is ‘Wind Chimes’. If you have this poem in any other book then tell us and we shall publish solutions to that book also.

Word Meanings

Prevalent – wide spread and used commonly  

Obsolete – no linger in use  

Immense – great and big 

Scarry – frightening 

Sleek – smooth 

Gage – stare, to look steadily at something for a long time 

Fondly – lovingly 

Wonders – thinks 

Gently – with proper care and attention 

Scared – afraid of 

Take by storm – become popular or renowned in a short time creating a large impact  

Globe – model of earth 

Ecology – the relationship and interaction between the living beings ike humans and the environment 

Enthralled – very interested and excited 

Tete a tete – a private conversation between two people 

Engage – to take part in or get involved in doing something  

Quirky – odd, unusual and strange 

Egyptology – the study of the ancient history, civilisation and culture of Egypt 

Masterpiece – the best work of any writer or artist 

Prose – writing which is not poetry 

Summary: Granny’s Little Laptop

“Granny’s Little Laptop” is a playful and whimsical poem designed for children. The poem revolves around a grandmother who has recently acquired a new laptop, opening up a world of possibilities for her. The narrator, who is the grandchild of the grandmother, envisions a plethora of ways in which his/her grandmother might use her exciting new device. The narrator sees his/her grandmother as a prominent and revered environmental blogger, using the laptop to keep in touch with friends and family and impress them with her conversational skills. The grandmother’s recipes, creative writing, and scholarly work on Egyptology are sure to earn her a legion of fans. The narrator is filled with pride at the mere thought of his/her grandmother’s accomplishments, declaring her to be the best grandmother in the world.

Textbook Solutions


A. Answer these questions with reference to the context.

  1. And keep us all enthralled,
    with her global tete-a-tete
    a. Who is being talked about?
    b. Explain the phrase ‘global tete-a-tete’.
    c. How would the family react to the tete-a-tete?
  2. But soon she’ll start blogging
    and take the world by storm…

    a. What is blogging?
    b. What is the significance of ‘but soon’?
    c. What, according to the poet, will be the effect of blogging?
  3. She keeps it gently on her lap
    a. What does ‘it’ refer to?
    b. What does ‘gently’ tell us about how she feels about it?
    c. For her, is it something to be proud of? Give reasons.


  1. a. Granny.
    b. ‘Global tête-à-tête’ means her conversations with people all over the world.
    c. The family would be very excited to hear from her.
  2. a. Blogging involves writing, often in an informal or conversational tone, for a website or web page that is regularly updated and typically managed by an individual or a small group.
    b. The poet says ‘but soon’ to show that even though Granny is uncomfortable with a laptop at present, she will get over the discomfort with it as time goes by.
    c. Granny will take the world by storm with her incisive posts on ecology and climate change.
  3. a. Granny’s laptop.
    b. ‘Gently’ tells us that Granny is very careful with her new laptop.
    c. Of course, she shoul be as she might have got it from her grandchildren or her own son/daughter. The poem shows that the Granny was happy and curious on getting her new laptop that might open new opportunities to connect with the people.

B. Answer these questions.

  1. Why does the poet refer to her grandmother being scared of a mouse?
  2. Do you think this will be the first time that Granny works on the computer? Support your answer with examples from the text.
  3. What do we get to know about Granny’s interests from the poem?
  4. Why do you think the poet says that Granny will engage in quirky forums?
  5. According to the poet, what are the things that Granny can do on the laptop?
  6. Do you think the poet hero-worships her/his grandmother? Give reasons.


1. Granny is scared of mice which are animals but here the very association of the same word ‘mouse’ which is used with laptops scared her.

2. Yes, the granny first time gets the laptop, The lines ‘wonders……..’ and ‘what to do…’ justify it.

3. Granny loves a good conversation. She is interested in environmental studies, cooking, creative writing and the history of ancient Egypt.

4. Granny would visit quirky forums to interact with the people of the world.

5. Granny can do blogging on environment and Egyptology, post her recipes, write prose and poetry, and keep touch and engage with her fans all over the world.

6. The poet is very admirable of his/her granny. The poet wants his/her granny to be so successful that the people would beg for more. In the end she/he also says he/she is lucky to have such a celebrity granny.

Poetry Appreciation

A. Discuss and answer.

  1. Why do you think the poet uses so many exclamation marks in the poem?
  2. Pick out the words from the poem which have double meanings.


1. The use of exclamation marks emphasizes the impact of the words and suggests that Granny will engage in activities that are not typically associated with her age.

2. Mouse; net; begging

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