My Bicycle: Explanation & Answers – NCERT Class 2 Unit 1 Chap. 1

NCERT Class 2 Unit 1 ‘Fun with Friends’ Chap. 1 ‘My Bicycle’ Question & Answers, explanation in Hindi and English. Students would enjoy the poem with learning from here. So, start now to learn and enjoy.

Explanation In English & Hindi

This poem is all about a child’s red bicycle, how he rides it, its colours, and how he takes care of it while having lots of fun riding it.


I have a red bicycle.
मेरे पास एक लाल रंग की साइकिल है
I pedal and I ride.
मैं पैडल मार कर सवारी यानी साइकिल को चलाता हूँ
Trin… trin… trin… goes the bell.
ट्रिन… ट्रिन… ट्रिन… करते हुए घंटी बजती है
Makes my friends move aside.
मेरे मित्र बगल हो जाते हैं


The speaker i.e. the poet says that he has a red bicycle. He pedals (use feet to make it go) and rides it. The bicycle has a bell that goes “trin… trin… trin…”. This “trin” sound makes his friends move away to give space and clear the way so that bicycle goes uninterrupted.

Stanza 2:

“The seat is blue in colour,
सीट नेले रंग की है
The tyres and pedals are black.
टायर्स ओर पेडल्स काले रंग के हैं
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow,
कभी तेज तो कभी धीरे
But my bicycle is always on track.”

पर मेरी साइकिल हमेशा सही पथ ओर दिशा में ही रहती है

Here, the poem describes the bicycle’s features. The seat is blue, and the tires and pedals are black. The bicycle can go both fast and slow, but it always stays on the right path or track.

It means that the speaker, sometimes, goes driving really fast, and sometimes goes driving slowly, but no matter what, the bicycle stays on the right path or track. It shows the that the rider is expert in driving.

Stanza 3:

“To keep my bicycle moving,
अपनी साइकिल को चलती हालात में रखने के लिए
All I need is some air.
मुझे सिर्फ थोड़ी हवा की जरूरत होती है
I put on my little helmet,
मैं अपना छोटा सा हेलमेट पहन लेता हूँ
And go happily everywhere.
 ओर खुशी-खुशी हर जगह चला जाता हूँ

In this stanza, the poet tells us how he keeps the bicycle working. He just needs to put some air in the tires. He also wears a small helmet to keep safe. With the bicycle, he can go happily to lots of different places and have lots of fun!

It shows that the speaker feels happy while riding his bicycle through different places around his home and nearby areas.

Textbook Question & Answers

Let us speak

A. Share with the class

  1. Have you seen a bicycle?
  2. Where have you seen it?
  3. What colour is it?
  4. Who generally rides it?
  5. Have you seen a tricycle?
  6. Have you seen a wheelchair?


  1. Yes, I have seen a bicycle.
  2. I have seen it in the park and on the street.
  3. The bicycle I saw was red.
  4. Generally, kids and adults ride bicycles.
  5. Yes, I have seen a tricycle.
  6. Yes, I have seen a wheelchair.

Let us write

A. Write the names of the parts of the bicycle in the given boxes. You may use the help box for selecting names.

Answer: Names of the parts of the bicycle

Let us think

A. Imagine that you have a magic bicycle. Draw it in the box.

Answer: An image of magic bicycle, as an example, is given below

What would you do with your magic bicycle?


Suggestions for teachers

To initiate a discussion in the class about what they would do with their magic bicycle, you can start by asking questions and encouraging students to share their thoughts. Here are some questions and prompts you can use to help them visualize and speak their thoughts:

  1. “Imagine you have a magic bicycle that can take you anywhere you want to go. Where would you go first?”
  2. “What kind of place or adventure would you like to experience with your magic bicycle?”
  3. “Tell me, what would you do once you arrive at this special place?”
  4. “What interesting things do you think you would see or encounter during your journey with the magic bicycle?”
  5. “Is there a specific person or friend you would like to bring along on your magical ride?”
  6. “Would you prefer to explore real places, like a far-off city or a tropical island, or would you rather visit imaginary worlds, like a land of talking animals or a kingdom of candy?”
  7. “What would be the best part of having a magic bicycle for you?”

By asking these questions and encouraging students to share their ideas and imaginations, you can create an engaging and creative discussion in the class, allowing them to express their thoughts and creativity.

A sample of answers for students

If I had a magic bicycle, I would use it to go on amazing adventures! Let me tell you what I would do with it by answering those questions:

Where would you go?
I would go to many exciting places!

What would you do there?
In some places, I would explore hidden caves, and in others, I’d have picnics with my friends.

What would you see there?
I might see magical creatures in the forests, colourful fish in the deep ocean, and even visit outer space to see stars and planets up close!

Here are some specific adventures I would have with my magic bicycle:

  1. Jungle Journey: I’d ride my bicycle deep into the jungle and discover all sorts of interesting animals and beautiful birds.
  2. Underwater Expedition: My magic bicycle could transform into a special underwater bike, and I’d pedal through the ocean to see colourful coral reefs and friendly dolphins.
  3. Space Exploration: I’d fly my bicycle into space and visit the moon and other planets. Maybe I’d even make friends with an alien or two!
  4. Enchanted Forest: I’d enter a mysterious enchanted forest, where the trees talk and the fairies play. Who knows what adventures await there?
  5. Time Travel: With my magic bicycle, I could travel back in time to meet famous people from history, like dinosaurs, ancient kings, and even pirates!
  6. Candy Land: I’d visit a land made entirely of candy, with chocolate rivers and candy cane trees. I’d have the sweetest adventure ever!

So, with my magical bicycle, I’d go on incredible journeys to both real and imaginary places, have exciting experiences, and see things that most people can only dream of!

Let us write

A. Complete the following sentences.

  1. The child in the poem has a ________bicycle.
  2. The sound of the ________ makes people move aside.
  3. The ________ and ________ are black.


  1. The child in the poem has a red bicycle.
  2. The sound of the bell makes people move aside.
  3. The tires and pedals are black.

B. Put a for the correct sentences and a for the incorrect sentences.

  1. The child has a blue bicycle.
  2. The bell goes trin… trin… trin.
  3. The child’s bicycle is always fast.
  4. The child needs some water to keep the bicycle moving.
  5. The child puts on a little helmet while riding the bicycle.


  1. The child has a blue bicycle. ✘
  2. The bell goes trin… trin… trin. ✔
  3. The child’s bicycle is always fast. ✘
  4. The child needs some water to keep the bicycle moving. ✘
  5. The child puts on a little helmet while riding the bicycle. ✔

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