Parts of Speech Practice Exercises English Grammar Practice

Parts of Speech practice exercises are given here along with the answers. Parts of Speech are the classifications of word classes of the words used in a sentence. There are 8 such word classes. Attempt the following exercises and see how much you know the Parts of Speech.

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Parts of Speech in Hindi

Exercise: Parts of Speech

Q.1. Name the parts of speech of the words in colour.

The teacher looked through Reena’s homework and said, “I don’t understand how it is possible for single person to make so many mistakes.”
“It was not a single person, sir,” said Reena proudly. “My father helped me.”
Oh!” the teacher exclaimed. “Did he?”

Q.2. Identify the boldfaced parts of speech in the given sentences:

  1. Sridhar can play the guitar.
  2. They listen to music every day.
  3. He is an old man .
  4. The group went climbing in the mountains .
  5. This is a fast service.
  6. He did well in the test .
  7. My driver drives carefully .
  8. Has your father ever been to India ?
  9. The play was fantastic .
  10. Ouch! This is bitter .

Q.3. Point out the Part of Speech to which each of the italicised words in the following sentences belongs:

  1. Water the flowers.
  2. Take some water.
  3. We saw a water bird.
  4. Everybody congratulated him when he won a lottery.
  5. Alas! He has done a very bad thing
  6. He was tall and of handsome appearance.
  7. have some very beautiful pictures with me.
  8. He was standing before the gate of his house.
  9. I have never seen such a thing before.
  10. We want to know the cause of his failure.
  11. He fell off the roof and broke his hand.
  12. How can you tell such a lie?
  13. The train has not come yet.
  14. What were you doing in the room?
  15. I know that you were absent yesterday.

Q.4. Tell the part of Speech of the words in colour.

  • I never go back on my promises.
  • To love our country is our moral obligation.
  • Happiness cannot be bought.
  • few leaves came off the tree on the ground.
  • It was holiday yesterday.
  • A new boy got admission today in our class.
  • India is a secular country with freedom to follow any faith and religion.
  • Unity in diversity is the strength of our country.
  • You can water the plants from the water available in the tank.
  • Giving is better than taking.
  • We don’t need any excuse to be a good and honest.
  • No time is bad for any good work.


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