Poem ‘The Captain’s Daughter’ Question & Answers

This article provides here a summary and the question & answers of the poem ‘The Captain’s Daughter’ as given in class 5 English textbook ‘Magnolia’. Click here for Stanza Wise Explanation.


The poem “The Captain’s Daughter” by James T. Fields paints a vivid picture of a ship caught in a ferocious storm at night. The first stanza introduces the setting and the dire situation, with the passengers huddled in the cabin, unable to sleep due to the raging tempest.

The second stanza highlights the fear and uncertainty that grip the crew as they face the destructive power of the storm. The harsh wind, the tearing sound of the storm, and the command to cut away the mast all contribute to the atmosphere of dread.

Stanza three captures the palpable tension and silence that pervade the cabin, as even the strongest men hold their breath, overwhelmed by the relentless onslaught of the sea. The image of the “hungry sea” and “breakers talking with Death” underscores the menacing nature of the storm.

In the fourth stanza, the captain’s despair reaches its peak as he declares their imminent doom. The oppressive darkness and the desperate prayers of the passengers further emphasize the hopelessness of their situation.

In a moment of innocence and unwavering faith, the captain’s young daughter offers a glimmer of hope. With a comforting touch and a simple question, she reminds her father that God’s presence transcends any physical environment, just as He is present on land.

Textbook Exercise Solutions


1. “We are lost!” Who said these words? Why did the speaker say these words?How did the listeners feel when they heard these words?

Ans. The captain said these words. The captain said it because the ship was in a storm, and he thought they might not make it through. The listeners felt scared and worried when they heard these words.

2. “Isn’t God upon the ocean, / Just the same as on land?”

Who said these words? What did the speaker mean by these words? What effect did these words have on those who heard them?

Ans. The captain’s daughter said these words. She meant that God is with them at sea, just like He is on land, giving comfort and protection. These words brought hope and comfort to the listeners, making them feel better.

1. Why didn’t anyone dare to sleep on the ship?

Ans. No one dared to sleep because there was a storm, and they were worried about the safety of the ship.

2. How was the ship damaged?

Ans. The ship was damaged by the powerful winter storm. The captain orders to “cut away the mast” to save the ship.

3. Say with reason what the characters feel in these stanzas.


  • a. Stanzas 1 and 2: Fear and tension because of the storm.
  • b. Stanzas 3 and 4: Intense worry and anxiety as the captain announces they are lost.
  • c. Stanzas 5 and 6: A mix of fear and hope, turning to relief when the captain’s daughter mentions God’s presence.

1. Why is the sea described as ‘hungry’?

Ans. The sea is described as ‘hungry’ to show its powerful and threatening nature during the storm, as if it wants to engulf the ship.

2. What message does the poem give us?

Ans. The poem teaches us about facing challenges with faith and hope. Even in tough times, believing in something positive can bring comfort and help overcome difficulties.

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