A House A Home Poem Class 6 English Question Answers

CBSE Class 6 Poem ‘A House, A Home’ Solutions given here include answers to the chapter end textbook exercise. The poem is published in the NCERT English book ‘Honeysuckle’. Only a few questions are given here and to practice more click here.

Working with the Poem (Page 16)

1. Do you agree with what the poet says? Talk to your partner and complete these sentences.

(i) A house is made of _______________

(ii) It has __________________________

(iii) A home is made by _______________

(iv) It has __________________________


(i) lifeless brick and stone.

(ii) window glasses, a courtyard, tile floors, doors and a roof.

(iii) loving and caring parents and children.

(iv) members who understand each other. They love and care for one another selflessly

2. Now complete these sentences about your house and home.
(i) My house is ————————————————————————
————————————— .
(ii) The best thing about my home is ———————————————————————————— .


(i) a structure of bricks, marbles and tiles. It has beautiful windows, ventilators and doors.
(ii) that all the members are very loving, caring and cooperative. There are no disputes or quarrels among us. We stand together in times of need and deed.

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