Word Formations: Same Word as Different Parts of Speech Practice Questions

Attempt the exercise given on ‘same words used as different parts of speech’ to evaluate your understanding of usage of words in a sentence. The answers are also given. The questions coopetition-oriented to help candidates preparing for exams.

I. Tell the Part of Speech of each of the words highlighted in colour

  1. Hang the painting above the mantlepiece.
  2. From above the sun rained fire.
  3. you can meet me at the above address.
  4. The instruction has come from above.
  5. It is a gift from above.
  1. Preposition – describing the position of the noun ‘painting’
  2. Adverb – action of the sun
  3. Adjective – describing the noun ‘address’
  4. Noun – here ‘above’ refers to any higher authority
  5. Noun – here, ‘above’ refers to the heaven.
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