The Lost Child – Word Meanings Class 9 English

Class 9 Lesson 1 ‘The Lost Child’ Word Meanings in Hindi and English.

WordsMeaning in EnglishMeaning in Hindi
wintry shades reminding of winter weather effects  
alleysa narrow passage or street 
cladwearing clothes 
brimmingfilling to the full 
laggedremain behind, comparatively slower in keeping pace with 
lined the wayin a row along the way 
obedientready to follow 
lingeringstaying longer than usual 
recedemoving away backward or into remote 
oldnot new, already known and familiar 
coldlacking friendly or favourable emotions 
pleadto beg or ask for strongly 
meltbecome gentler 
free spiritindependent, feeling free to do and enjoy 
tenderloving and gentle 
swept acrossspreading far and wide 
bustlingfull of movement and energetic activities 
gaudyvery bright in colour 
interceptto stop, catch or seize 
stillnot moving 
restsets or settles 
flapusing wings to rush up and down 
flutter  quick light movement of wings 
cautionarywarning, alert call 
abreast ofwalking alongside in the same direction 
teeming outcoming out in large numbers 
grovea small group of trees 
petalscoloured leaflets of a flower 
lo!look! see! an expression of surprise 
capersa short play full jumping and dancing 
windingwith turns and bends 
throngsa crowd of people 
convergingcoming or moving towards 
whirlpoolcentre of circulation 
repelleddriven away 
fascinatedattracted and charmed 
hawkedsell by calling aloud in public 
architecturethe design and style of building 
beggedrequested earnestly 
pleaearnest emotional request 
heedpay attention to 
irresistiblydifficult to avoid or refuse 
carried awaylose control of feelings and emotions in excitement 
rainbow glorycolourful 
silkenfine and soft 
overwhelmingvery strong and overpowering 
to possessto have them 
gracefulbeautiful and attractive 
stole intoentered secretly 
invisiblenot showing 
gentlenot strong 
dizzyconfused and feeling giddy 
intentlywith interest and attention 
jerkquick sharp movement, jolt 
fiercestrong and frightening 
flushedturned red from emotion or exertion 
convulsedshaking of body 
panic-strickenfeeling fear and danger
hither and thitherin many different directions 
untiedunfold, open 
to and froforward ad backward movement 
in a rageuncontrolled, violent or wild 
suppress control emotions and desires within  
filmy eyesteary eyes 
patchespieces of clothes 
for the sake offor 
shrinea place of worship 
congestedover crowded 
lingeringstill there but slowly ending 
flashingto show or shine 
heftyheavy and strong 
thrustforce and push 
knockto hit hard 
brutalviolent and cruel 
trampleto step heavily 
surgingsuddenly increasing 
stoopto bend forward 
steer clear ofto avoid a person or thing to escape any trouble 
masscrowd of people 
soothecause to feel better through emotional and moral support 
shrillhigh pitched sharp tone 
swaymove sideways 
pleadrequest, appeal 
distractdraw attention away from 
humourtry to make feel happier and satisfied 
disconsolatevery sad 
chargestrong feeling 
Class 9 – The Lost Child Word Meanings

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