‘Conversation’ Poem: Oxford Modern English Grade 2 Question & Answers

‘Conversation’ Poem: Oxford Modern English Grade 2 Question & Answers: Get here answers questions given in the Modern English Class 2 Book Unit 2 Poem ‘Conversation’.

A. Understanding the Poem

1. Answer the following questions.

a. Who is talking to the mouse?
b. What does the cat want to do?
c. What does the mouse tell the cat?
d. When is the mouse busy?
e. Do you think the mouse is really busy?


a. A cat is talking to the mouse.
b. The cat wants to get into the mouse’s house.
c. The mouse tells the cat that she needs to be thin to be able to enter the house.
d. The mouse says that he is busy all day.
e. No. The mouse is not really busy. He says so as It just does not want the cat to enter the house.

B. Working with Words

2. Find rhyming words for the following. Use the rhyming words to write a short poem.

Ans. Rhyming words from the poem are given in brackets.
a. door, (floor), more
b. in, (thin), pin, bin, tin
c. say, (day), ray, bay
d. said, head, red,
e. where, dare, fare

C. Learning about Language

1. Can you guess the nouns from the following clues?


a. matchbox
b. envelope
c. switch
d. blanket/quilt/heater/shawl/sweater

2. When we meet people, we say hello. We say who we are if we are meeting for the first time.
Use these words and sentences in a short conversation with two of your classmates:

Ans. Here’s a sample conversation among class mates:

  • Tom: Good morning!
  • Sara: Good morning, Tom!
  • Tom: This is my friend, Emma.
  • Emma: Hello, Sara!
  • Sara: Hello, Emma! What is your name?
  • Emma: My name is Emma. What is your name?
  • Sara: I’m Sara. Nice to meet you, Emma!
  • Emma: Nice to meet you too, Sara!

In this conversation, the children use the words “good morning,” “hello,” “my name is,” and “this is my friend” to greet each other and introduce themselves. It’s a friendly and simple exchange.

E. Composition

What did they say to each other? Use your own words and complete the conversation below.


CAT: Hello, Mousie.

MOUSE: Hello, Mr Cat.

CAT: Tell me, Mousie, where is your home.

MOUSE: It is under the floor near the door

CAT: Can I visit your home?

Continuing the Conversation

MOUSE: No, you cannot visit because you are not thin like me to enter the house.

CAT: Can you not come out to meet me?

MOUSE: No, No, I cannot because I am busy here.

CAT: Then should I come any other day?

MOUSE: No. No, as I remain busy throughout the whole day all through the week.

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