Faiza’s Biscuits Question & Answers Class 2 Oxford New Modern English

Faiza’s Biscuits Class 2 Oxford New Modern English Question & Answers. Here you will find answers and solutions to the intext-questions and book exercises and questions of Grade 2 Lesson ‘Faiza’s Biscuits’.

Summary: Faiza’s Biscuits

The lesson “Faiza’s Biscuits” is about a girl named Faiza who makes and sells biscuits to earn money for her family. She starts by selling them at school and then opens her own shop after ten years. The lesson teaches about hard work, entrepreneurship and compassion.

Intext-Questions: Faiza’s Biscuits

While Reading

Q. Why does she sell her biscuits?

Ans. She sells her biscuits as it looks it was her business or she got the idea that children would buy biscuits if she sells and it would earn her also some money.


Q. What happened ten years later?

Ans. Faiza had her own shop selling biscuits. She seemed in a better position than her earlier poor condition.

Textbook Question & Answers



a. What did Faiza see one day?

Ans. Faiza saw people getting out of a car. Later, see people in a restaurant celebrating a birthday party.

b. Who went into a restaurant? Why?

Ans. A little girl and her family went inti the restaurant. They went to celebrate a birthday party.

c. What did the people eat at the party?

Ans. The people ate ice-cream, biscuits and cake.

d. Who gave Faiza some cake and biscuits?

Ans. The little girl gave Faiza some cake.

e. What did Faiza do the next day?

Ans. The next morning Faiza sells the biscuits outside a school


What are the words? They all begin with “bo–”.


a. boat
b. bottle
c. board
d. body
e. boy
f. bold


1. Put in capital letters and full stops.


a. Mr. Khan worked in an office.
b. The office was in Lahore.
c. One day, Mr. Khan went to Faisalabad.
d. He stayed at the Royal Hotel on Nazim-Ud-Din Road.
e. On Monday, he caught a plane back to Lahore

2. Look around your class and point out objects or living things and make sentences using ‘this’ and ‘that’.

Ans. A few sentences:

  • “I see a desk. This desk is brown.”
  • “I see a book. That book is red.”

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