Nasir in Trouble: Questions & Answers | Oxford New Modern English Class 2

Nasir in Trouble: Questions & Answers of Oxford New Modern English Class 2 are given here. You can also click to see textbook Question & Answers of : The Musicians of Bremen and Monkey see Monkey Do.


Q. Do you think uncle Sami told Nasir’s parents what happened?

Ans. No, he did not tell as he had already written the letter to Nasir’s mother.

A. Comprehension

Answer the Following Questions.

a. What kind of a man was Uncle Sami?

Answer: Uncle Sami was a jolly man and told exciting stories. He was likeable.

b. Where was Nasir going when he met the little boy?

Answer: Nasir was going to the Shalimar Bagh.

c. Why was the little boy crying?

Answer: The little boy was crying because he had hurt his leg.

d. What did the dog do when the boy felt over?

Answer: The dog ran off down the road and started to eat sausages off a meat stall.

e. Why did the crowd chase Nasir?

Answer: The crowd chased Nasir because they thought his dog had stolen the sausages.

B. Working with Words

B. Complete the following sentences:

1. Nasir liked (staying with) Uncle Sami.
2. Nasir caught hold of the dog’s lead.
3. Nasir’s uncle was a jolly man.
4. Nasir was frightened and started to run.

2. Rearrange the words in the following sentences.

a. Three mice lived in a broken box.
b. The box was under my shelf.
c. Sometimes the mice made a big noise.
d. I told them to go away.
e. They said that it was a nice box.

C. Learning about Language

1. Add adjectives to the following nouns. Write them in your notebook.

Some possible combinations of adjectives for each noun:

a. house:

  • a quaint, two-storey house
  • a charming, little house
  • a modern, city house
  • a peaceful, cool house

b. palace:

  • an opulent, rich palace
  • a grand, marble palace
  • a distant, faraway palace
  • a majestic, royal palace

c. car:

  • a sleek, new car
  • a sparkling, shiny car
  • a fast, red sports car
  • a sleek, modern car
  • a classic, old car

d. dog:

  • a friendly, large dog
  • a powerful, massive dog
  • a playful, wild dog
  • a loyal, tame dog
  • a fierce, hunting dog
  • a speedy, racing dog

e. torch:

  • a durable, plastic torch
  • a compact, light torch
  • a sturdy, metal torch
  • a high-powered, powerful torch
  • a useless, electric torch

f. book:

  • a thick, long book
  • a beautifully leather-bound book
  • a boring, dull book
  • a dense, heavy book
  • a truly fascinating book

2. Add commas to the following.

a. The old, grey tree was dying.
b. They live in a large, modern house.
c. He drove a fast, red sports car.
d. The room was dirty, dark and empty

D. Listening and Speaking

Describe some of your favourite toys or clothes to your friend.

Let me describe my favourite toys and clothes.

Favourite Toys:

  1. Lego Car: I have a really cool Lego car. It’s red, and I can build it in different ways, like a puzzle. It’s fun to play with because it can go over bumps without falling.
  2. Remote-Controlled Drone: I have a special flying toy called a drone. It’s like a small helicopter that I can control with a remote. It can even take pictures from up in the sky!
  3. Cuddly Penguin: I have a stuffed penguin that’s soft and huggable. It’s like having a snuggly friend to sleep with at night.

Favourite Clothes:

  1. Leather Jacket: I have a special jacket made of smooth, brown leather. It looks really cool and makes me feel like an adventurer.
  2. Comfy Hoodie: I have a cozy hoodie in a pretty blue color. It’s perfect for when I want to feel warm and comfy.
  3. Running Shoes: I have bright green shoes that I wear when I go running or playing outside. They help me run faster and jump higher.
  4. Cool T-shirt: I have a t-shirt with a super cool picture on it, like spaceships and planets. It’s my favourite because it looks awesome!

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