Spirit of Sacrifice: Question & Answers Class 2 New Oxford Modern English

Spirit of Sacrifice: Question & Answers Class 2: In this educational post, we’ll do comprehension exercise, explore the importance of the spirit of sacrifice as taught in the lesson “Spirit of Sacrifice”.

Spirit of Sacrifice: Question & Answers

A. Comprehension:

1: Circle the correct answer.

Ans. c. The spirit of sacrifice

2: Why did the family not buy a goat that year?

Ans. a. The money was spent on the mother’s illness.

Answering the Following Questions:

a. What do you understand by ‘spirit of sacrifice’?

Ans. The “spirit of sacrifice” means willingly giving up something dear to us for the sake of a greater purpose, often driven by religious or moral beliefs. In this story, the boys sacrificed their own sadness to bring happiness to their parents and please Allah.

b. Why should we treat animals with kindness?

Ans. We should treat animals with kindness because, like us, they can experience happiness, sadness, and pain. Animals rely on humans for their well-being and food. In some cultures, animals are also used for sacrifice to seek forgiveness for one’s sins. Therefore, it is essential to treat animals kindly and with respect.

B. Working with Words:

1. Choose the correct word from the brackets.

a. sad
b. buy
c. show off

4. Read the following words carefully and put them in the correct column (in your notebook): people, animal, things, food, places.

Mr AliRussiaPenBananaCow

5. Arrange the words given above in alphabetical order. Use the first and second letters of the words for arrangement.

Ans. Alphabetical Order (First and Second Letters):

  • Abid
  • Banana
  • Biscuit
  • Bottle
  • Cat
  • Coat
  • Cow
  • Goat
  • Lahore
  • Mr Ali
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Rehan
  • Rice
  • Russia
  • School
  • Sukkur

C. Learning About Language

Noun: Underline all the nouns in the following paragraph.

Ans. Ali was in his bedroom. He was sitting on a chair by his desk. Ali was making a card for his mother. He used a pencil to draw on the paper. He used scissors to cut the paper. He used glue to stick his picture to the card. He used paints and brushes to colour the picture.

E. Composition

Eid ul Azha, Christmas, and other festivals that are celebrated in Pakistan, are a source of joy to the followers. Choose one and write about it. Draw a picture too.

Ans. Eid ul Azha is a super special day in Pakistan. We celebrate it to remember how Prophet Ibrahim was ready to do what God asked. We go to the mosque in our pretty clothes and pray together. Then, we share tasty food like biryani and sweets with our family and friends. It’s also the time when we give some meat to people who don’t have much. So, Eid ul Azha is about love, prayers, delicious food, and helping others. It’s so much fun!

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