The Musicians of Bremen: Questions & Answers Oxford Modern English Class 2

The Musicians of Bremen: Learn about the classic story with questions & answers for Oxford Modern English Class 2. This resource includes comprehension questions, true/false statements, fill-in-the-blanks, and more to help students learn about the story and improve their English skills.

The Musicians of Bremen Questions & Answers

Q.1. Why was the donkey leaving home?

Ans. The donkey was considered useless by his owners, so he decided to leave home.

Q.2. Why couldn’t the dog work?

Ans. The dog was too old to work, so he was no longer useful to his owner.

Q.3. Why was the cock crowing?

Ans. The cock was sitting on a gate and crowing. Perhaps it was happy because it was alive.

Q.4. Where were the four friends going? Did they get there?

Answer: The four friends were going to Bremen. No, they never got there.

Q.5. What did the cock see?

Answer: The cock saw a light in the house.

Q.6. Why did the four friends go into the house?

Answer: The four friends went into the house toseach for some food.

Q.7. Write True or False for the following statements:

(a) The four friends slept under a tree near the road – False
(b) The cat’s owner was angry with her – True
(c) The four friends went to talk to the robbers – False
(d) The musicians lived happily ever after in Bremen – False

Q.8. Fill in the blanks:

1. The robber tripped over the dog.
2. The cat scratched the robber.
3. The cock perched on the beam.

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