The Mice And Elephants Question & Answers Class 2 Oxford Modern English

The Mice And Elephants Question & Answers Class 2 Oxford Modern English: Get here answers to questions intext as well as given in exercises.

Intext – questions:

1. What do you think mice will do stop the elephants?

Answer: Mice will request the elephants to adopt any other path.

2. Answer: Bulls help us to plough our field in the farms.

3. Why do you think it is good to make friends?

Answer: It is good to make friends because friends will help in time of need. We can play and pass time with them. We can share talks and things among friends.


1. Answer the following questions.

a. Why did everyone leave the palace?

b. Who lived in the cracks of the floors?

c. Who agreed to use another path?

d. What did the elephants remember?


a. Everyone left the palace because the king grew old and died.
b. Mice lived in the cracks of the floors.
c. The elephants agreed to use another path.
d. The elephants remembered the old saying: ‘Make friends, always make friends, however strong or weak.’

2. Say whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

Answer: a. F     b. F     c. T     d. T     e. F

3. Put these sentences in the correct order.

Answer: The correct order is given below.

c,  e,  g,  h,  a,   b, f,  d.


1. Complete the following sentences in your own words.

Answer: Students do it by themselves. Here, we are giving sample answers.

a. to live near the lake/ to help them
b. lived thousands of mice/ mice lived
c. kill us all/ help us all
d. the elephants to escape/ them in getting out from this trap

2. Use the underlined words in sentences of your own.

Answer: Students should their own sentences. Here we are giving more than one sample setences.

a. Come away from: (depart, leave a certain place)

  • “Come away from the edge, it’s not safe.”
  • “Please come away from the busy street.”
  • Please come away from the edge of the cliff.

b. Call at: (visit, stop at)

  • “I will call at your house after school.”
  • “Don’t forget to call at the store on your way home.”
  • I will call at your house tomorrow.

c. Blow out: (extinguish, put out)

  • “Can you blow out the candles on the cake?”
  • “Be careful, don’t blow out the match too quickly.”

d. Get away: (escape, come away from)

  • “Let’s plan a weekend trip to get away from the city.”
  • “I need to get away from work and relax for a while.”
  • Let’s plan a trip to get away from the city.


1. Put suitable prepositions in the following sentences. Use the words in the box.


a. from   b. on   c. up   d. down   e. in

2. Copy this passage in your notebook and underline all the prepositions.


Maria lived near a river. In her garden, there was a small boat. One day, during the monsoon, Maria took the boat out of the garden. She carried it along the path to the river. She put the boat in the water. She jumped off the bank into the boat.


2. Complete these questions using your own words.

Answer: Students should attempt it by themselves. We are giving here, a sample answer for each.

a. May I help you?

b. Won’t you join us?

c. Will you please pass the salt?


Do you help other people? Write about it. You can write about how you help somebody every
day or how you helped someone in the past.

Answer: Students should attempt by themselves. We are giving a sample answer here.

Helping Others is Fun!

I love helping people! It’s like being a superhero every day. I help my family, friends, and even my teachers.

At home, I help my mom set the table for dinner. I put out plates, cups, and utensils. Sometimes, I help my dad feed our pet dog, Max. I pour his food and make sure he has water.

In school, I help my teacher by cleaning up after playtime. I also help my friends if they need a crayon or don’t understand something. It’s nice to be a good friend and help others learn.

Once, I helped my little sister tie her shoes. It was tricky at first, but I showed her the bunny ears trick, and now she can do it herself!

Helping is easy and makes me feel happy inside. I like seeing smiles on people’s faces when I help them. I will keep on helping because it’s super fun! 😊

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