Three Questions: Word Meanings CBSE Class 7 NCERT English

Get here Meanings of difficult words and phrases from the lesson ‘Three Questions’ published in class 7 English book ‘Honeycomb’. Hindi meanings are also given for Hindi speaking students.

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Three Questions: Class 7

WordEnglish MeaningHindi Meaning
MessengersPeople or things that carry a message or information from one place or person to another.दूत, संदेशवाहक
FollowTo go or come after a person or thing; to adhere to, obey or conform to a set of instructions or beliefs.अनुसरण करना
In advanceAhead of time; before something happens.पहले से ही
Foolish pleasureAn activity or indulgence that provides momentary enjoyment but lacks long-term value or benefit.बेवजह ओर बेवक्त की मौज-मस्ती
CouncilA group of people who come together to discuss and make decisions about a particular topic or issue.परिषद
UrgentRequiring immediate attention or action.तुरंत जरूरी, अत्यावश्यक
CouncillorsMembers of a council who participate in decision-making and policy creation.पार्षद
RewardSomething given or received in return for good behaviour or an achievement.इनाम, पारितोषिक
HermitA person who lives in seclusion from society for religious, philosophical, or personal reasons.सन्यासी
WoodA dense growth of trees or forest.पेड़ों का घना जमघट
ButUsed to introduce a contrasting or conflicting idea or statement. except सिर्फ, केवल
BleedTo lose blood; to flow out slowly and steadily.खून का बहना
WoundedHaving sustained an injury, typically in a violent or traumatic manner.घायल
LayTo put or place something down in a particular position or location.लेटा या पड़ा हुआ
SwearTo make a solemn promise or pledge; to use profanity or vulgar language.कसम खाना
RevengeThe act of inflicting harm on someone in response to an injury or wrongdoing.बदला
SeizeTo take hold of something forcibly and suddenly; to capture or apprehend.जब्त करना, कब्जे में ले लेना
HidingThe act of concealing oneself from view or detection.छुपना या छिपाना
RecogniseTo identify or acknowledge someone or something; to perceive as familiar.पहचानना
EscapeTo get away from a dangerous or undesirable situation or place.बच कर निकाल भागना
FaithfulLoyal, steadfast, or true to a person or cause.वफ़ादार
Win overTo persuade someone to accept or support a particular viewpoint or opinion.राजी करना, दिल जीत लेना
Bedsan area on ground prepared for growing vegetables, flowers etc. क्यारियाँ
PitiesFeelings of sympathy or compassion towards someone who is suffering or in distress.दया ओर सहानुभूति का भाव

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